Big Data & Machine Learning

Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them. But information age gives businesses of all kinds, access to Big Data that’s growing in volume, variety, velocity & complexity. With more data coming from more sources faster than ever, the question is: what is your Big Data strategy? How are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business? How could new data sources including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business performance? Will your Big Data remain dormant or will you make it work for you?

Our Value Proposition
Big Data Technologies are positioned to process high-volume, high-velocity, high-variety datasets to extract intended data value and ensure high-veracity of original data and obtained information that demands cost-effective, innovative forms of data and information processing (analytics) for enhanced insight, decision making, and processes control.

These data analytical demands should be supported by a sound big data strategy, new data models supporting all data states/stages during the whole data lifecycle. Also, new infrastructure services and tools need to be provisioned that allows capturing and processing data from a variety of sources (including sensor networks) and delivering data in a variety of forms (including visualization) to different data and information consumers and devices.

Our Services
As your trusted partner, we will work to help you bring order to your Big Data. With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants and data scientists will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data – allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before. Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we’ll provide you the strategic guidance you need to succeed, as listed below:

  • Develop Big Data Strategy that helps you achieve your long-term vision for Big Data
  • Design a detailed road map and Big Data architecture to support the Big Data strategies.
  • Implement a Big Data platform and governance system using best practices
  • Use Design Thinking to find Big Data opportunities that align with your organizational priorities
  • Leverage advanced data science to uncover hidden signals that lead to competitive advantage
  • Run Big Data analytics applications that let you see the bigger picture and anticipate the future
  • Deploy your solution in the environment that best meets your needs: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid

We help our customers to create these limited but relevant options.

  • Eliminate barriers to fast, informed decision processing – with in-memory analytics.
  • Get the analytics you need to make the best possible decision – every time.