Collaborative learning system (CLS)

We believe that every college should make learning process easy by enhancing student – teacher collaboration through adoption of new technologies and solutions. Traditionally teacher-student collaboration have been through blackboards, attendance registers, manual tests, Paper notice boards, which are time consuming and error prone process, making learning process inefficient and ineffective. CLS is designed to enhance the collaboration by seamless sharing of lecture notes, facilitating online tests with immediate results, attendance automation, Digital notice board and Digital libraries through adoption of latest in hardware computing, N/w infrastructure and state of art software solution.

Heart of CLS solution is custom designed tablets for educational industry used by teachers and students. CLS is based on client – server web based solution and utilizes college N/w infrastructure. College class rooms are turned into Wi-Fi zones providing intranet connectivity to all tablets. These tablets are connected to central server and interactivity is facilitated in real time basis using CLS software components.

CLS end to end solution has multiple components as below:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • N/w Infrastructure


We offer all the components needed for the solution including integration with existing infrastructure of college or deploy it completely from scratch based on college needs.

Available (Section wise/ Subject Wise/ Student Wise) to facilitate important management decisions

  • Digital Notice board for sending across notices to set of students based on deptt, section or course
  • Notes sharing between teachers and students
  • Teacher Screen Sharing for Students (Blackboard)
  • Real time collaboration between students and teachers using Blogs and Forums
  • Assignments creation and evaluation
  • Notifications to ensure that no one misses any updates
  • Separate Dashboards for Principal, Parents and students
  • Instant messaging between parents & teachers
  • Library Management
  • Time Table publishing


  • Customizable role based system supporting various roles like Student, HOD, coordinators, and Teachers etc.
  • Facility to create complete college structure of different Deptt, courses offered, Teachers, Subjects…
  • Students enrollment for every deptt, semester, section and batches
  • Creating question banks and test papers
  • Creating and storing notes, lectures, presentations etc..
  • Conducting online quizzes in classroom with immediate results and complete analysis of current test results, section performance analysis, weak spot analysis and many more reports
  • Automated attendance system to provide attendance of entire class in less than 15 seconds with manual override option. Variety of reports