DevOps is a new discipline that complements the Agile Delivery models for software engineering by bringing in Automation and Monitoring on the IT side and leverages Cloud computing concepts.

DevOps philosophically has a system-level view of a business performance but businesses are still struggling to answer the questions like how do we improve product delivery to our customers? How do we change product more quickly to better satisfy our customers? How do we automate infrastructure provisioning? How do we get paid faster by our customers?

Our Value Proposition

  • Drives Business Agility through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Products.
  • Improves infrastructure provisioning through automated deployments and self-service portals.
  • Speeds Deployments by aligning development and operations with Enterprise Architecture guidelines.
  • Improves Production Performance Monitoring and Proactive Incident Management through Automation, Development and Collaboration.
  • Strengthens Service Delivery, Automation of Dev + QA + Ops Processes and Management with a Common Lifecycle View.

Our Services
Our approach to DevOps services includes assessing the people, process and technology while managing the resultant organizational change. Our services include:

  • Evaluate existing IT environment
  • Create roadmap of activities required to meet business goals
  • Create agile environment for the application lifecycle
  • Establish operational visibility, monitoring, and reporting for performance measurement
  • Manage the DevOps transformation activities
  • Automate integration, testing, and release tasks
  • Manage operational health for the application lifecycle to a specified service level agreement

Cloud Ready DevOps Platform

“Cloud Ready DevOps platform provide organizations a way to leverage Cloud Computing for increasing efficiency and scale for internal Software Development, IT Operations and Engineering Services.

It drives continuous integration, infrastructure automation and cloud deployment orchestration.”

Cloud-Ready Dev and Test

Cloud platforms can provide a powerful new paradigm to strengthen traditional Software Development and Testing activities. With software development activities happening across distributed locations and different time zones, there is need to strengthen collaboration, use Agile Methodologies and scalable infrastructure to support the complex needs.

We provide an integrated Collaboration Workspace for distributed teams, Engineering Life Cycle Tools based on Agile Delivery Models, On-Demand Infrastructure and Best Practices for building scalable products.

We provide a transition model that can help incrementally increase the maturity of your in-house software development activities by leveraging best practices of Cloud-Ready Dev and Testing platforms.

You can focus more of your efforts on building application software without worrying about underlying infrastructure and technology platforms for scalability, security, global deployments, production monitoring and cost optimization.

Cloud-Ready Operations

Cloud-Ready Operations bring in the benefits of integrating Agile Delivery, Development-Operations (DevOps) Automation and Continuous Delivery leveraging Hybrid Cloud platforms to provide efficiency in your product development, deployment and monitoring lifecycle.

Our platform is built to provide Governance and Automation across the following activities:

  • Automated Infrastructure Management
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Release Engineering
  • Performance Engineering
  • Run-book Automation
  • Build and Source Code Management