Minimize Regulatory risks.. Maximize Efficiency in compliance
We provide globally bench-marked risk and compliance solutions that enables companies to build a more resilient business. Our mission is to help its customers to adopt mature risk management practices in their day-to-day operations and thereby:

  • Reduce risk of litigation and penalties with effective internal controls
  • Secure their businesses with better visibility of their risks across geographies and business units
  • Reduce the cost of compliance through automation and outsourcing.

We provides services across Asia, US and Europe.

Our GRC Practice was founded by a core team of professionals who have decades of experience in risk management and compliance for large companies across the world. Its team comprises of Chartered Accountants and security professionals with background in audit, business process design, GRC tool Implementation and security projects.

Why Us
Domain and Technology Expertise: We bring deep knowledge in the subject of compliance that is complemented by its expertise in technology.
Our project team comprises of a combination of subject-matter experts and technical consultants. With in-depth knowledge and global experience in this field, we provide innovative, high-quality and practicable solutions.

We collaborate with academia and industry forums to bring to our customers new methodology, tools and technology. Its focus on continuous learning that is re-affirmed through recognized certifications. It has specialized teams for each of the domains and technology areas.

Global exposure:
Collectively, the team has executed projects for 11 out of the top 100 global companies. They have led and executed large and complex compliance projects across more than fifty countries.

We give our clients the confidence that their compliance program is managed by a company that has the necessary experience and skills.