Our team has 16+ years of experience in both Oracle e-Business Suite (releases 11 and 12) and Oracle ERP Cloud implementation services.

We provide automated solutions for the implementation, management and maintenance of Oracle application products. Our Tool & Services assist you in managing various aspects of the Oracle Applications Life-cycle – from conception, through design, build and implementation, to service and maintenance.

We bring a high-level of expertise and rich experience of having implemented Oracle applications at Companies around the world, covering a variety of industries including, but not limited to, Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Trading, Hi-Tech & Utilities. We facilitate the setup, maintenance, and transition of ERP, CRM, SCM systems with creativeness, divergent thinking, and Automated Intelligence.



We can assist you with:

Oracle Implementation
Today’s global business means you need to be competitive and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Implementing changes in large ERP systems that has a large teams of people takes time in coordinate a new direction. It can leave you with insufficient information about your organization. The risk is for other enterprises to catch up and take market shares is real, and can be mitigated.

Management’s expectations for speed, accuracy and quality is the norm. Whether you are implementing one company or many, the only way to accelerate this process is with consistency through automation of crucial and mundane tasks.

We specialize in the delivery of robust, resilient and powerful Oracle solutions. We add value at less cost, and support our customers’ business with quick turnaround, accuracy, and less complexity, all because of our automated solutions. We already have implemented more than 1000 companies with over 300 customers in time-frames unparalleled in the industry.

Our implementation database is always up-to-date to ensure it is compatible with most scenarios of Setups and Master Data from worldwide industries.

Oracle Upgrade
We extract and map your on-premise setups and/or Master Data, to your new Oracle EBS r12 or Oracle ERP Cloud instance. Contact our experts today to discuss your project requirements and make sure it’s a success.

Oracle Roll Out
To easily roll out any Operating Unit for Oracle EBS and/or Oracle ERP Cloud, we have automated our processes in the use of a Master Template. Your only action is to edit the Business Unit Configurations Changes (BUCC) file.

Oracle Copy
Copying an operating unit from an Oracle instance to another is now fast and reliable. We have developed a dedicated tools to copy Oracle Setups and to check the processes at each steps of the project.