RAPID4Cloud is a tightly integrated software that enables automation of many tasks, that you have no choice but to perform manually today.

The suite includes:

1. RAPIDKnowledgebase: A multi-dimensional repository of Oracle configurations and setups
2. RAPIDReverse: A piece of software for extraction of data from an Oracle system
3. RAPIDConfigurator: An intelligent & powerful online wizard for accessing and manipulating data
4. RAPIDInject: A High speed ‘electronic’ consultant for loading data into an Oracle system

As an Oracle Applications user, you are well aware of the Labor intensive tasks that you carry out for Set-ups, Implementation, Migration and Maintenance.

The software provides a single simple interface that works the same way regardless of the version of Oracle Applications being used – Oracle 11i, R12 and now Oracle Fusion Applications in the Cloud.

Rapid e-Suite (for Oracle E-Business Suite)

Rapid Copy: Copying configurations and data from one instance to another – fast
One of the most frequent and laborious tasks for consultants in an implementation is manually configuring instances for CRP, SIT, UAT and PROD.

With RAPIDReverse, you can extract configurations and data from a source instance each time, and build a new one by injecting all of that via RAPIDInject. Changes made at each stage can also be selectively captured & incorporated into knowledge base, to provide an incremental base for automatic instance generator. RAPIDConfigurator allows you to validate everything before the instance is built. The functionality is easily extended to copy Operating Units as well.
Rapid Snapshot: Document Instance details with a simple click
As an implementation moves through various stages in its lifecycle, the biggest challenge for companies is to be able to see what lies within their Oracle instance at any point of time.

With just a few clicks on RAPIDConfigurator, you can produce a complete list of all your configurations down to any level of granularity. They are neatly laid out in standard BR100 format. What’s more – you can compare multiple instances and generate Difference reports, which is very handy during an implementation.

Rapid Rollout: Set up new entities or companies in a fraction of the time

Rolling out multiple operating units is a tedious and time consuming task. Through its ability to produce a Global Master Template of configurations for an organization using their existing setups, RAPID reduces the time needed to configure new operating units, significantly.

Once RAPIDReverse completes the extraction of data, RAPIDConfigurator enables transformation and delta changes before the injection to produce a new operating unit. Customers see their new entities rolled out in a matter of days as opposed to weeks!

Rapid Cloud (for Oracle ERP Cloud)

Rapid Implement: Fast track New ORACLE implementations in a matter of weeks
a new user of Oracle Applications, there is nothing better than having a readymade multi-dimensional repository of configurations for a variety of modules, to start with. This revolutionizes the traditional concept of requirements gathering in a big way.

RAPIDKnowledgebase contains seeded configurations, country localizations and language extensions for various Oracle modules. Depending upon what is being implemented, you have the ability to choose a set of modules, languages and chart-of-account segments. Based on your choice, a set of Best practice configurations will be
selected and placed within the RAPIDConfigurator. You now have the ability to:
• Personalize the existing set-ups
• Change or Add new set-ups based on your specific requirements
• Validate and Inject them into your Oracle Cloud system
• Enhance and continue the same as you move through TEST and PROD instances

The creation of a GOLD set of configurations external to an Oracle Cloud system – enables you to make any changes FREE from the normal restrictions that the Oracle software may impose.

Rapid Migrate: Move from EBS R12 to Cloud in a fast and seamless way
In as quickly as 10-12 weeks, RAPID can help your organization get on their way to Migrating to Oracle Cloud, thereby providing an efficient and automated way to move from the old environment to the new one.

RAPIDReverse will extract all your configurations and set-ups from your existing EBS R12 instance in a secure manner and transform the same into Oracle Cloud format. The same is done for your Master data as well. RAPIDInject will then automatically push all this data into a fresh Oracle Cloud instance thereby providing you
with a full working application including new Cloud functionality.

This process of Extraction -> Transformation -> Injection can be repeated until all of the data and operating units
are migrated from EBS to Oracle Cloud. Moving to the Cloud has its inherent benefits of lower Total Cost of Ownership, increased availability and security. There is no other software or methodology in the market that enables this seamless migration to Oracle Cloud.