Secure your content, Distribute it anywhere and provide smart learning experience to your end users. SHIELD is a smart learning solution which protects your contents against piracy, snooping via cameras, screen capturing and all other ways used for content piracy and provides a way to distribute your content even to remote locations which does not have good internet connectivity at extremely affordable cost.

Any business focused on selling content, securing the content is of paramount importance for their success. For organizations that reply on their Intellectual Property as the main source of revenue be it a Training/Coaching business, Entertainment business or Market research company piracy has been the single largest treat to their business and not their competitors. Recognizing this need of the industry, we have built a sophisticated platform ideal for anyone who needs to protect their content while giving a user friendly interface to their user community who will be eventually consuming their content.

We recognize the fact that no solution can claim 100% protection as there are hackers out there, who constantly try and break in to any platform that provides security. Therefore, anyone who provides security solution has to be constantly on a race with hackers to be one step ahead. We are on a mission to win the race with hackers. Our product ‘SHIELD’ takes care of all known loop holes in securing content and has provided innovative solutions to deal with them.

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become increasingly popular in the past few years. As most people have one or the other computing/smart devices now-a-days, selling content pre-loaded on a Tablet may not always be appreciated by users who already possess one. Using our solution, you can use any hardware media – SD Card, PenDrive, DVD, External Hard Disk etc to distribute their content and we have solutions that works on most widely used platform like Windows and Android operating system device.


1. Double Layer Security: This solution provides a highly intelligent encryption for your content to avoid illegal usage. The standard encryption solution provides only one level of encryption. On first usage of this encrypted content, the second level of encryption takes place, which binds content to this particular device. This makes sure that the content cannot be used any other device.

2. Protection from Screen Recording: This is the biggest challenge faced by anyone who sells video based content. Hundreds of Screen recorders are available that can record any video content played on that machine. Our player will not open if any of the screen recording tools are running, thereby preventing recording of video played.

3. ‘FingerPrint’ Technology: Even if we prevent screen recorders culprits can still record videos using external camera/camcorder. Our unique technology called ‘Finger Print’ leaves the user details of the license owner will get captured in the recorded video at random locations and intervals. This will help track down the individual from whose copy this pirated version is made and action can be taken to deter such attempts.

4. White Label: This solution can be branded to your business brand.