Value Added Services

Campus to Corporate (C2C)

Kris’s initiative in developing young IT professionals to be a part of the global growth story through the Campus to Corporate programme, in conjunction and support from local Universities.

The focus is on giving them the tools they need to realise enormous potential – both Kris and their own.

C2C aims to ease young graduate engineers’ transition from college to professional life. The programme has been designed to take the best and help them to be even better, enabling them to understand the interfaces and complexities of corporate business and culture.

C2C will challenge trainees with on-job assignments, and enable them to take on roles effectively with increased responsibility and accountability.  They acquire insight into the various disciplines of IT, as well as the functioning of a project taskforce.

Programme will include:

A large part of the programme has a technical focus; participants are also trained in critical soft skill areas like business communication, time and goal management, and importantly for a global organization, cross cultural awareness.

Outplacement Solutions for IT Consultants

Our goal is simple – we want displaced IT Consultants to find another job of their liking, at the earliest. Keeping this in mind, we focus our efforts on services that have maximum impact/benefit for the IT Consultants.

Kris focuses on assisting IT Consultants who have or who are about to depart your organization as a result of organizational restructure, project closure, contract closure or others. The resulting impact on these individuals through sudden and unexpected job loss can prove to be very traumatic and potentially damaging to self-esteem and self-confidence. The Kris Reach programme is a holistic, multi-pronged process that has been carefully designed to re-establish careers in the shortest possible time frame as Kris’s mainstream business & focus is exclusive IT Staffing.

Building-A-Pipeline (BAP)

We offer this unique and pro-active solution to our key clients. This ensures effective hiring with no time constraint/ limitation.

The process ensures that the client always gets to tap from a pre-screened, technically evaluated pool of IT TALENT consultants at all levels.

This predominantly involves a lot of co-ordination with the key members from client side. After understanding clearly the technical environment, the projects in pipeline and future resource requirements at the client site (monthly, quarterly & half yearly basis) – a fixed number of resources is arrived at on a per key skills basis. All efforts are then channelized/ streamlined to keep the fixed number of skilled resources technically evaluated and ready (with a lead joining time). Technical evaluation process is an on-going process till the fixed number is achieved, and in which both client & Kris are involved.

This gives our client a heads-up when the resource budget is approved, saving time & cost. Client then needs to just pickup from this pre-identified fixed pool of resources. This excellent pro-active value added service from Kris is offered without any binding to either the client or the consultants. The budget for each of the fixed number of resources is pre-defined and pre-calculated keeping variance in mind. This gives the client ease and flexibility to plan out its resource budget allocation in advance.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Turnkey Staffing or Recruitment Process Outsourcing: We offer this solution to address the needs for volume recruitment. The process is time-bound and encompasses a mix of well-defined processes.

Kris feels that it is uniquely positioned to provide full recruitment Services to Client with its fundamentally differentiated Safe-shore services offering. The following are the compelling differentiators that make Kris the best suited partner for Client.

  1. Right Sized PartnerKris’s unique size makes it attractive to its large customers and ensures high management attention and focus
  2. Incomparable Flexibility and TransparencyKris would be able to map to the unique business requirements of Client in terms of financial structure & resource alignment.
  3. Dedicated team for the Client: Enhanced ProductivityKris will not re-assign any Recruitment member assigned to Client without an explicit consent from Client In other words, for all operational purposes Client can consider the Kris team as its own employees.
  4. Privileged Access to Best Recruitment PracticesKris works with over 20 leading IT technology companies and would be able to leverage that knowledge to the benefit of Client.

Recruitment Outsourcing – Onsite Model: Kris will be responsible for end-to-end recruitment on behalf of its clients. In this model, the entire recruitment team from Kris will be based out of its client’s office. The team will be involved in end-to-end recruitment process – right from requirement gathering till the joining of the candidates. The salary fitment or compensation for the selected candidates is ideally done by the client. Kris plans or devises its own recruitment strategies based on the projection and requirement. The team at the client site would adhere to company policy and the SLA that has been mutually agreed between both the parties.

Recruitment Outsourcing – Hybrid Model: Here again Kris will be responsible for end-to-end recruitment. This model will have part of the team working out of client’s office (onsite) and rest of the team will be based out of Kris Office (offsite). The onsite team would liaise with hiring managers and plan the recruitment strategies. They would then work in conjunction with the Kris backend team. The onsite team shall adhere to company policy and the entire Kris team shall work towards meeting SLA that has been mutually agreed between both the parties.

Recruitment Outsourcing – Offsite Model: Kris works as a facilitator that helps the existing recruitment team at our client achieve their target. Since the client would have their own in-house recruitment team, Kris will not be responsible for end-to-end recruitment. Kris’s onsite team would liaise with client’s recruitment manager and work on certain requirements exclusively. They would share the requirement with the Kris backend team who will source CVs and forward it to the onsite team. The onsite team will be responsible for scheduling interviews of candidates presented by Kris team. The onsite team shall adhere to company policy.

Post Offer Process Outsourcing: This service is suitable for customers who maintain an in-house recruitment team. Kris feels that the candidates who have been offered need to be regularly followed up till the time they join the organization. This is imperative because of the huge market demand for talented professionals and also candidate’s pursuit of better compensation. By outsourcing this process, customer’s recruitment team can save lot of time by skipping follow-up calls and can focus on their core competency, which is recruitment. Kris’s team would give a courtesy call to all the offered candidates on a regular basis. For candidates having issues, Kris team would either address it themselves or bring it to the notice of recruitment team. The team will submit an MIS report on a periodic basis. This team can either be based out of customer’s site or Kris’s office.

Managed Payroll Outsourcing (MPO)

At Kris, we assist clients with headcount problems by placing their employees on our payroll, an arrangement often referred to as Payroll Parking. We also readily manage the entire personnel administration, payroll accounting and contract management of the candidates placed with us.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in the application for issuance of candidate’s work passes with MoM.
  • Calculation of monthly payroll, statutory deductions including CPF, skills development levy, foreign worker levy and other deductions.
  • Provision for Medical insurance that covers outpatient and hospitalization expenses of the candidates.
  • Payroll processing and annual reporting.
  • Issuance and maintenance of payslips and remuneration reports.
  • Timely reconciliation of IR8A returns for the candidates.
  • Monitoring and addressing absenteeism.

Benefits to our clients:

  • It takes over our clients’ administrative burden and they can focus on the core business needs.
  • Helps our clients in managing their project costs and cash flows. We generate bills claims to the clients only after due payment to the candidates on our payroll.
  • It gives our clients flexibility to re-allocate the headcount numbers towards more long term and viable positions.
  • A confidential and reliable arrangement that can be scaled from a single, specific group of employees to the entire project.