vuSmartMaps – Advanced big data approach to managing IT Infrastructure Operations.
In a world, driven by cloud and mobile apps, every enterprise is undergoing a digital transformation. This means, every enterprise needs to be flexible, agile and rethink existing processes – but always keeping customer experience at the heart of this change. Behind the scenes are the IT Operations, that combines digital technologies and operational capabilities to deliver this compelling user experience, which is the main source of competitive advantage in the new world.

Though the modern day application infrastructure is fast adapting to these needs, the tools to manage this transition for IT operations have not. New age IT operations needs the right confluence of next generation monitoring, analytics and automation to deliver the best user experience and to capture critical insights to make right decisions at every level. Traditional monitoring has been beset with an inadequate set of complex, silo-ed tools across network, application databases and are incapable of handling the variety of data in a modern application environment. Most importantly, with no focus on user experience and business transactional visibility, they also lack the required analytics and intelligence to constantly improve service levels.

Our big data analytics driven monitoring (vuSmartMaps) is the next generation holistic solution that brings in a whole new experience to IT operations. Powered by a patent pending Multi Vector Analytics – vuMVA engine, the solution completely breaks down the information and tool silos that exist in IT operations today. In a first of its kind, vuSmartMaps brings together user experience, unified monitoring, analytics and business transaction visibility into one single solution to completely align IT with business objectives – the holy grail of enterprise IT.

Whether you are assessing business or performance KPIs, troubleshooting an application performance issue or proactively monitoring user experience, vuSmartMaps’s powerful correlational algorithms, storyboarding features, and intelligent alerts will dramatically simplify your analysis and help you always see the story behind any incident in 3 clicks. Moreover, its constantly learning analytics module and on the fly visualisations helps make better decisions tailored to your environment, through better understanding of KPIs and in tracking historical trends, patterns and anomalies across the treasure trove of operational data.

Our customers spans across verticals from manufacturing to BFSI enterprises and with some leading names as National Payment Corporation of India, Karnataka Bank, Sutherland Global, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and more. Our customers have realised 10X operational efficiencies and better end user experience, through proactive monitoring, improved application service levels, 90% faster incident response, all with a reduced operational cost.