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Meet TAO pAIges™

The Intelligent Document Processing platform with the highest Straight-Through-Processing capability.

Do You?

Do you process large volumes of documents every year in business critical processes?

Forget about the problems of inaccuracy, inconsistency, inefficiency and being slowed down by clunky templates and the need for extensive customisation.

TAO pAIges™ comes to you with proven highest Straight-Through-Processing capability. It’s built-in intelligence learns as it works to constantly improve and enhance both accuracy and efficiency of processing.

What’s more, you are forever free from cumbersome templates and being tied down to the need for constant customisations because TAO pAIges™ uses a universal model for reading and processing documents of every kind.

The TAO pAIges™ platform addresses these key problems, smartly.

  • It is a generic system that can be used by any enterprise, to extract specific entities from most business documents that are used in RPA/automated processes. Its algorithms are trained on a large set of cross enterprise documents. For a specific enterprise it only entails incremental training, if any.
  • It uses cloud-based, cutting edge ML pipelines making the extraction process scalable, efficient and inexpensive without compromising the privacy and security of enterprise documents.
  • The system can be integrated with any RPA tool and be tuned to extract relevant entities with near 100% precision providing highest levels of Straight-Through-Processing (STP).
  • The system has built-in feedback loops that enable to learn and adapt over time.

TAO pAIges™ runs seamlessly across various
document types and across business processes such as:

Invoice Processing

Sales Order Processing



Insurance Claims Processing


Proof of

Join other global enterprises that are successfully using the TAO pAIgesTM platform to transform their business processes and enhance the effectiveness of their RPA initiatives.

TAO pAIgesTM comes to you with a suite of value added services including API extensions, Integration with RPA, Workflow or other platforms and custom use case support.

Choose from a range of flexible commercial models to suit your business needs including a Pay-as-you-go model.

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experience the power of toch-less accounts
payable with a unified experience

Kris Infotech

TAO TAPP™ provides Orchestrated Integrated Intelligent Automation as a Service.

TAO Touch-less Accounts Payable Platform (TAO TAPP™) manages the life cycle process of receiving vendor invoices, extracting relevant data and processing them for payment on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis.

Manual Invoice Processing Is Expensive And Sub-optimal

Vendor Invoices are highly variable and based on vendor-provided document types and formats. Additionally, there are country and tax regime variances. This results in high error potential and processing delays. Therefore, the overall cost and risks of the process are magnified.

TAO TAPP™ processes vendorinvoices accurately and on time. This is critical to have a well-managed Procure to Pay process cycle. It addresses both the manual issues as well as the limitations of earlier RPA approaches with its uniqueTAO Automation CockpitTM (TAC).

The TAO Automation CockpitTM (TAC) is a unique service orchestration feature that organizes the automated experience for the user and provides complete access, visibility, and control over it. It also provides valuable dashboards that report on process automation performance in real time.

TAO TAPP™ Delivers complete AP Transformation by giving you an Integrated and Intelligent platform with unmatched Access, Visibility and Control over the process.

Reduce the fully loaded cost per invoice. Reduce up-front costs to the business with transaction pricing and gain greater competitive advantage! Ask about our Transaction Pricing!

It is highly customizable and reusable, enabling you to rapidly deploy and run the bot enabled process. You can start realizing the benefits as early as four weeks from full deployment.

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Transforming Account Reconciliations

Enterprise Account Reconciliations re a core accounting process and takes up a massive
chunk of productive time in your finance organisations. It’s a process prone to high error
rates leading to management and compliance risk.

Reconciling Acoounts Manually Eats Up
Productive Accounting Time And Is Fraught With risk


of an accountant’s time is spent on completing reconciliations..


Of companies with over $500 M revenue have more than 500 Accounts reconciled quarterly.


of accounting personnel’s time is spent on research and fixing the breaks.

Risk : $20 Mn

There is a risk of $10 to $20 million for a company with a $1 billion turnover

The Process Is Error-Prone And Expensive


Prone to manual errors and requires a large workforce


Variances between parties and errors in financial statements


Large volumes and high cycle time. Lack of standardisation.


Regulatory changes, changing reconciliations requirements and late error detection.

TAO’s RPA based AutoRecon™ Solution delivers a quantum uplift in process performance for account reconciliations. Error rates are reduced to marginal levels and risk and compliance are significantly improved.

Tao AUTORECON™ Delivers Accelerated Benefits While
Transforming The Entire Reconcilition process

Timely period
closing of
accounting books.

workforce to other

Eliminate errors
in the current


Tao AUTORECON™ Works Across
All Types Of Account Reconcilitions



statements and

Bank statement

GL Balance sheet

Statement of

Fixed Assets

It is highly customizable and reusable, enabling you to rapidly deploy and run the bot enabled process. You can start realizing the benefits as early as four weeks from full deployment.

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